Want to get fit, why not try a trekking holiday?

Below are some of the more common routes when trekking across Mount Kilimanjaro.


Lemosho Route
10 day itinerary
West approach climb;
with excellent acclimatisation.


Machame Route
9 day itinerary
South West approach climb;
with great moorland scenery.


Rongai Route
9 day itinerary
North East approach climb;
easier trek, on quieter route.


Marangu Route
6 day private trek
South East approach climb;
easiest route on mountain.


Shira Route
7 day private trek
West approach climb; quiet
route, good acclimatisation.


Umbwe Route
6 day private trek
South approach climb;
direct and demanding trek.


Climb Mount Meru
6 day itinerary private trek
excellent acclimatisation trek.
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